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Do you want to make your description of a product highly convincing for your consumer to buy? 

Ever wonder how to sell products instantly with an optimized product description?

How to convince the readers to actually buy the product?

Do you want to make your description of a product highly convincing for your consumer to buy?

The content of product descriptions plays a major role in the conversion process from visitor to customer. Beyond the photos of the product, customer reviews, the call to action … the product description can really be the key element that will make the prospect switch to the act of purchase.

At 143Digital, our goal is to allow the Internet user to get a concrete idea of your product. We will also tell an imaginary story to allow the potential buyer to project himself. To make your prospect feel interested, we will first remind them that your product is a golden deal that they should not miss, based on the needs that led them to consult the product page.

Appeal to the emotions of the Internet user is often a good technique for selling online. Beyond the substance, we also take care of the form of the product description. The first thing we do is to adapt the tone of the product description to your target! Product descriptions were written by our reputed writers also plays an important role in the ranking of the product page in search engines.

Introducing Our Amazing Product Description Writing;

It is the writing service for E-commerce websites for product descriptions. We seduce our
readers with magic and sensory words to make him a buyer.

How Our Service Functions

1. Please place your order

We can handle your demands with fast turnaround times, whether you need one product description or hundreds of them. To save you, time, and trouble, you can also bulk upload your product IDs, titles, and URLs using our input spreadsheet option.

2. The Writing Process

Our team of talented writers have been trained specifically to craft compelling, keyword rich HTML descriptions and product titles. We’ll take care of the meta descriptions too, making your Ecommerce SEO totally on point and optimised.

3. Spreadsheet Support

You can export your completed order in a spreadsheet format, ready for you to upload into your Ecommerce platform, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and more. You’ll just need to match up the correct columns for your platform.

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We write persuasive descriptions to sell more

Many e-commerce sites use very few, similar, or duplicated manufacturer descriptions for their products. Getting beautifully designed SEO optimized descriptions with a title and Meta summary can give you a great advantage in SERPs and shopping lists.

What if I already have descriptions of the product for my store? 

Don’t worry, with most e-commerce sites overwriting existing product descriptions is simple. If you’re looking for a simple way to gain an advantage over e-commerce competitors, designing unique product descriptions with 143Digital is a perfect way to do that.

Product description services advantages

• Made in Plain HTML
When uploaded, HTML written descriptions with bullet points will look fantastic.
• Compelling Descriptions
We can craft compelling, streamlined, product titles rich in keywords.
• Meta SEO Descriptions
We write special definitions of SEO Meta Descriptions so you stand out in the SERPS.
• Export to a spreadsheet
Delivered to your eCommerce website in a 'ready-to-upload' CSV.
• Skilled Writers
Our writers were specially trained for eCommerce content.

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Blake Snipes Product Manager

Product descriptions are something that usually take up a lot of time. I always use 143. They help me save a lot of time.

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Amelia Mia WordPress Dev.

When I'm dealing with eCommerce websites, 143 takes care of my product descriptions saving me time to do the more important web dev tasks.

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Kris Koneru Business Analyst

Within my line of work, sometimes when dealing with Ecomm stores, I outsource my product description tasks to 143. They are fast, reliable and professional.

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With 143Digital Product Description Service, Stimulate Your Reader's Imagination

Our writers will write a unique explanation for your products, which will make you stand out from the crowd and support you in search engines. They are encouraged to include keywords, secondary keywords, and use cases, features within the explanation, and specifications wherever they can. For search and shopping lists, this makes it more configured. We provide you with the details in a spreadsheet format, so you can easily export and import them to your eCommerce platform. We write the description in HTML, so they'll have the correct line breaks, bullet points, and more right out of the box to appear on your e-commerce website.

Wait no more! Avail this amazing service today. If not satisfied, we also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. So click the link now and begin your business journey with us.

Questions? Check Out Our FAQs

Yes, our writers will provide you with unique description in each copy. It’ll make your extend your limits and will unique product description, You content will be SEO Optimized 

Our professional writer are trained in a manner to include primary keywords as well as other LSI keywords as well. That means, Your E-commerce website will have thoroughly SEO Optimized content. 

We provide our content in spread sheet format. In this way it is easy to export and import to your website. 

No need of that, Our description will be delivered in such a way that it will appear correctly.

Yes, We’ll include Title and meta description. Our Copy writers will carefully create SEO Optimized Title and description so that it becomes easy for you to rank on SERP.

A unique and quality product description is very much needed for a small to medium scale E-commerce website. Many websites just add very small description or duplicate content. It adversely affect ranking and conversion rate. Search engines doesn’t like copied or duplicate content. Also, if you’re not providing the buyers with in-dept description, The conversion rate will be very low. 

If you have a description already then over writing is not a big task. If you need to beat your competitor, You’ll need some quality product description better than your competitor website.    

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